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Consultations take place at our comfortable clinic, which is easily accessible and has ample parking. You will be given plenty of time to discuss your condition; with Iridology and Live Blood Analysis offered as an inclusive part of your consultation.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the research and use of the medicinal abilities of plants to cure human ailments. The chemical ingredients in plants affect the human body through chemical processes similar to those chemical compounds used in orthodox medications and can be extremely effective in supporting a wide range of conditions.

Vibronic Homeopathy

We are very honoured to be working with Kesteven Natural Health Centre; offering their unique range of Vibronic Homeopathy that is supplied in kits (for other practitioners), or individual bottles (for the public) and used for a wide range of conditions. KNHC are licensed to supply their remedies by the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency under the Medicines Act 1968 and 1971.

Nutrition & Weight Management

Amanda Smithson can help guide you to better health with her cutting edge, non-judgemental approach as to how our lifestyle affects our overall health. Whether you want to reduce your weight, or perhaps gain weight – improve your digestion – or maybe just optimise your health; Nutritional Analysis will be of great benefit.

June D (May 2020) I went to Jane because I had so many illnesses.  I had depression, ME, osteoarthritis, stomach problems, thyroid problems and was struggling with the menopause and I was rattling with June D (May 2020) Scott G (March 2020) I started working with Jane because I was getting to the stage where I had so much time off work I thought I might lose my job.  I was really Scott G (March 2020) Alan. T. July 2020 Migraines are better; so is my digestion.  Looking forward to being able to have Live Blood Analysis now restrictions are being lifted.  Highly recommend Alan. T. July 2020 Teigen. W. July 2020 I can really recommend seeing Jane.  After just a week of speaking to her and taking the herbs, I felt different.  I could concentrate on things and was more motivated.  Teigen. W. July 2020 Angie F. October 2019 Everyone should try Live Blood Analysis! It is truly amazing.  Seeing your blood moving around on the screen and finding out why it behaves the way it does is quite Angie F. October 2019
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