Herbal Medicine Herbal medicine has been used for many hundreds of years to alleviate pain and disease. I create a completely bespoke herbal medicine for you, carefully balanced from a range of over 200 Herbs. A well formulated Herbal Mix, unique to you as an individual will impact on your individual constitution to not only heal disease, but restore your overall health, vitality and emotional balance. Book a consultation

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine (Plant Medicine) is the research and use of the medicinal abilities of plants to cure human ailments. Plant Medicine works in a very “holistic” way; that is, it works on the whole of the body, rather than just the symptom. The allopathic model of Herbal Medicine is based on the chemical constituents of plants having a specific biochemical effect within the human physiology – so we may use certain herbs for pain, inflammation, constipation etc.  Medical Herbalists also understand the use of plants in a more vitalist and holistic way; looking at the underlying pattern of the illness that is behind the expression of the disease (the symptom) and how the plant affects the whole body and constitution of a person, so that the physical, psychological and spiritual elements of a person can be balanced.

What to expect at your consultation


Initial Free Consultation

Investing in your health can seem daunting, so before booking an appointment, why not take advantage of a free 20 minute telephone consultation? This will give you a chance to discuss your health concerns and help you to decide if I am the right practitioner for you.


Starting Your Journey

Many patients comment on how much they value the consultation process; finding it to be a time where they are really listened to and heard. Health can be complex, so different methods of analysis are used as part of your consultation and are offered at no extra charge.  Some of these methods allow you, as a patient, to see how your condition is affecting your body – which also means that in follow up appointments, you can see how your treatment is improving you!

A face to face consultation is most beneficial, but if you really can’t get to us, then we can offer secure online Tele-Health consultations.



Treatment usually consists of a bespoke plant based Herbal Medicine formula, made up by your practitioner as tincture, capsules or teas and formulated to suit you as an individual.

As qualified Medical Herbalists, we are able to prescribe herbal medicine alongside orthodox medicine – so if you are taking any medication from your doctor or the hospital, please bring details along to the consultation (NOTE: we will not contact your doctor without your permission).

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Methods of analysis we might use

Health can be complex, so different methods of analysis are used as part of your consultation.  Some of these methods allow you, as a patient, to see how your condition is affecting your body – which also means that in follow up appointments, you can see how your treatment is improving you

Live Blood Analysis (LBA)

Watch your immune system in action from just a tiny drop of blood taken from your fingertip! Seeing how your blood responds on a computer screen is informative and empowering – plus, checking your blood at follow up appointments helps you to track your health progress.


Your eyes develop unique identifiable markings that relate to the body’s relative condition(s). Iridology maps those regions of the iris to the tissues and organs of the body allowing Iridologists to assess its state of health. Iridology helps you to know your health strengths, areas for improvement and potential.


A consultation with a qualified practitioner can help to identify physical and emotional issues that may be causing health concerns.  Patients are often surprised at how emotional issues such as stress can impact on their physical health.  Fixing the symptom isn’t a long term solution, so we work to establish the underlying cause.

Consultation Package

We offer a variety of excellent packages so that you know exactly what your costs will be. Online video consultation is available for those who can’t get to our clinic and extra medicine can be purchased between appointments if required.

Consultation packages start from as little as:


Packages can include a combination of...

June D (May 2020) I went to Jane because I had so many illnesses.  I had depression, ME, osteoarthritis, stomach problems, thyroid problems and was struggling with the menopause and I was rattling with June D (May 2020) Scott G (March 2020) I started working with Jane because I was getting to the stage where I had so much time off work I thought I might lose my job.  I was really Scott G (March 2020) Alan. T. July 2020 Migraines are better; so is my digestion.  Looking forward to being able to have Live Blood Analysis now restrictions are being lifted.  Highly recommend Alan. T. July 2020 Teigen. W. July 2020 I can really recommend seeing Jane.  After just a week of speaking to her and taking the herbs, I felt different.  I could concentrate on things and was more motivated.  Teigen. W. July 2020 Angie F. October 2019 Everyone should try Live Blood Analysis! It is truly amazing.  Seeing your blood moving around on the screen and finding out why it behaves the way it does is quite Angie F. October 2019