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Live Blood Analysis A truly fascinating and unique process, whereby a tiny drop of blood, taken by safely pricking your fingertip, is all that is required to see your blood in its “live” state under a microscope. This tiny drop of blood contains around 5 million blood cells; the shape and movement of which offer us much information about your body, including your immune system – which you can see in action as the white blood cells move across the screen. Book Live Blood Analysis

What to expect from Live Blood Analysis


Initial Free Consultation

Unfortunately, due to various ASA regulations, Live Blood Analysts are unable to share the full benefits of Live Blood Analysis online, so why not take advantage of a free 20 minute telephone consultation, where we can discuss your options in greater depth?


Your Appointment

Live Blood Analysis will usually be offered at your first or second appointment. One drop of blood is taken from your fingertip and immediately viewed under a microscope. The video image of your blood can be viewed by you on a screen. Some patients find their blood so interesting that they choose to take pictures from their phone!  



Live Blood Analysis is a supportive tool, forming a part of the consultation that you have with us. Treatment is formulated to address the health of the whole person, considering all contributory factors for you, as each process is linked to another. A combination of herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition and supplementation is offered to support your health issues.

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Methods of analysis

Live Blood Analysis (LBA)

Watch your immune system in action from just a tiny drop of blood taken from your fingertip! Seeing how your blood responds on a computer screen is informative and empowering – plus, checking your blood at follow up appointments helps you to monitor your health progress and check that your treatment is beneficial 


Your eyes develop unique identifiable markings that relate to the body’s relative condition(s). Iridology maps those regions of the iris to the tissues and organs of the body allowing Iridologists to assess its state of health. Iridology helps you to know your health strengths, areas for improvement and potential.


A consultation with a qualified practitioner can help to identify physical and emotional issues that may be causing health concerns.  Patients are often surprised at how emotional issues such as stress can impact on their physical health.  Fixing the symptom will help short term, but it isn’t a long term solution; so we work to establish the underlying cause.

June D (May 2020) I went to Jane because I had so many illnesses.  I had depression, ME, osteoarthritis, stomach problems, thyroid problems and was struggling with the menopause and I was rattling with June D (May 2020) Scott G (March 2020) I started working with Jane because I was getting to the stage where I had so much time off work I thought I might lose my job.  I was really Scott G (March 2020) Alan. T. July 2020 Migraines are better; so is my digestion.  Looking forward to being able to have Live Blood Analysis now restrictions are being lifted.  Highly recommend Alan. T. July 2020 Teigen. W. July 2020 I can really recommend seeing Jane.  After just a week of speaking to her and taking the herbs, I felt different.  I could concentrate on things and was more motivated.  Teigen. W. July 2020 Angie F. October 2019 Everyone should try Live Blood Analysis! It is truly amazing.  Seeing your blood moving around on the screen and finding out why it behaves the way it does is quite Angie F. October 2019