Iridology Iridology is close inspection of the iris to help identify potential problems in the body, such as stress, allergies, digestive and metabolic problems. Iridology can also offer information about your genetic predisposition for more serious conditions, which is very empowering. Book a consultation

What is Iridology?

The iris of the eye is an extension of the brain, with many nerve endings that connect to every organ and tissue in the body by way of the nervous system.  Over time, the iris develops unique identifiable markings that relate to the body’s relative condition(s).  An iridologist will use these markers to assess the state of health for states such as body constitution, inherent weakness, inflammation and toxicity levels.  The markers will also identify where in the body it is located and what stage it is in.

Iridology is an assessment tool, rather than a definitive diagnostic and therefore works well when combined with a formal discipline, such as Medical Herbalism or Accupuncture, which targets your unique needs and helps restore optimum levels of health and wellness.

What to expect at your consultation


Free 20 minute Phone Consultation

Iridology often forms an integral part of your consultation with us, at no extra cost.  If you need more information about how we can help you – or just want to see if it’s right for you, then we offer a free 20 minute telephone appointment.  If you would like to take advantage of this offer, then please book via this site to arrange.


Your Consultation

We offer 2 types of consultation: Full consultations, whereby you come to the clinic for approximately 90 minutes; giving you plenty of time to discuss your health condition and for us to take a full history.  You will also be offered Iridology and/or Live Blood Analysis as part of the consultation.  If you have a minor health concern, or one that does not require a full consultation, then we can offer an Online “Tele-health”, which is a secure online portal and takes approximately 40 minutes 


Treatment & Follow-Up

Treatment is usually Herbal Medicine made up into tincture or capsule form, specifically for you.  How much you need to take will depend on your condition and your constitution.  Herbal Medicine is included in your consultation fee; however, if you require extra medicine without consultation, it is charged at £9 per 100ml. Follow-up appointments are made 2-4 weeks after your first visit and last for 40 to 45 minutes

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Consultation Package

We offer a variety of excellent packages so that you know exactly what your costs will be. Online video consultation is available for those who can’t get to our clinic and extra medicine can be purchased between appointments if required.

Consultation packages start from as little as:


Packages can include a combination of...

June D (May 2020) I went to Jane because I had so many illnesses.  I had depression, ME, osteoarthritis, stomach problems, thyroid problems and was struggling with the menopause and I was rattling with June D (May 2020) Scott G (March 2020) I started working with Jane because I was getting to the stage where I had so much time off work I thought I might lose my job.  I was really Scott G (March 2020) Alan. T. July 2020 Migraines are better; so is my digestion.  Looking forward to being able to have Live Blood Analysis now restrictions are being lifted.  Highly recommend Alan. T. July 2020 Teigen. W. July 2020 I can really recommend seeing Jane.  After just a week of speaking to her and taking the herbs, I felt different.  I could concentrate on things and was more motivated.  Teigen. W. July 2020 Angie F. October 2019 Everyone should try Live Blood Analysis! It is truly amazing.  Seeing your blood moving around on the screen and finding out why it behaves the way it does is quite Angie F. October 2019